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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions:

An embroidered badge is created by stitching the design onto a base cloth (of polycotton twill), giving a textured finish, and slightly raised design, which gives depth to the design, and an almost three-dimensional appearance. Offering a more vibrant and textured product than a woven badge, this is ideal for smaller quantities (from a minimum quantity of 50 on bespoke orders), and for designs where there is not minute detail, as the threads are coarser than on a woven badge (which gives it the textured finish).

With embroidered badges we would advise that letters or numerals are a minimum size of 4mm high and we would recommend that lettering is in upper case for additional clarity. The embroidery process often does not allow the same degree of fine detail as a woven badge.

A woven badge is produced as a complete item and with this process we are able to produce superb representation of the required design. A woven badge is produced on a loom by weaving, to give a smooth finish to the surface of the design, which is then backed to give it some rigidity, and finished (usually) with an overlocked (oversewn) edge. The advantages of woven designs are that you can achieve greater definition, and smaller detail (particularly with wording or intricate designs), to give sharper definition, so an excellent choice for smaller badges. Due to the flat surface it is also much less susceptible to abrasion and fraying and loss of appearance. Minimum order quantities start from just 100 badges, but woven badges become particularly cost effective on volume runs of 1,000+ badges.

Both woven and embroidered badges can be cut and made to almost any shape.

We can supply our badges ready to sew on, or with the option of heat seal (iron on) backing, self- adhesive or Velcro backing. The badges can have overlocked edge or be finished with a laser cut edge.

Ideally we prefer your image to be sent to us via e-mail in its original editable format i.e. coreldraw, illustrator, eps, or pdf (saved for pc if using mac). However, we are happy to work from sketches, design briefs or from existing badge samples. Our dedicated in house artwork department will be able to offer you every assistance with your design.

Using the latest available design technology our in-house graphic design team can e-mail or post a computer image of finished artwork for your design for approval. Production will not commence until artwork has been approved.

Tolley Badges Ltd has low minimum order requirements. However due to production constraints on Design-a-badge bespoke orders, it is not economical to produce less than:

Embroidered Badges: 50 badges

Hand Embroidered Wired Badges: 20 badges

Woven Badges: 100 badges

Woven Labels: 5,000 items

Enamelled Metal Badges: 100 badges

Button Badges: 1,000 badges

Adapt-a-Badge embroidered badges: 50 badges (ordered on-line only)

Select-a-Badge fun badges: 10 badges (if ordered on-line)

As each badge is designed to meet a customer’s individual requirements the main factors which effect the price are:

  1. Badge Size
  2. Number of Colours
  3. Order Quantity
  4. Required Finish

Times can vary due to seasonal fluctuations, so please check your order acknowledgement, or enquire at the point of ordering for exact times. However our usual lead times (from confirmation of a firm order)

Embroidered Products:

Design-A-Badge, bespoke embroidered badges – approximately 4 weeks

Adapt-A-Badge, personalised template embroidered badges – approximately 10-14 working days

Select-A-Badge, fun embroidered badges from stock – dispatched next working day – delivery 2nd Royal Mail

(excluding weekends and Bank Holidays)

Woven Badges – approximately 4-5 weeks

We always endeavour to meet our customers requirements regarding delivery, hence it is possible to FAST TRACK orders. Please discuss your requirements with our sales team.

For Embroidered or woven badges:

Overlocking finish – Square, Rectangle, Circle, Oval, Shield, Triangle, Hexagonal, Bell, Diamond.

For Laser Cut finish – any standard or complex shape.

Enamelled badges – most shapes are possible, but the more intricate/complex the shape, the more expensive the badge.

Button badges – Round

Embroidered Badges – standard number of colours is 9, but we are able to increase to 12 colours if required (at additional cost).

Woven Badges – standard number of colours is 8.

Enamelled Metal Badges – standard number of colours is 6, but we are able to increase if required (at additional cost).

Button Badges – full colour process.

Our standard terms of business for established customers with credit facilities is: Payment 30 days from date of invoice.

Credit facilities can be opened for any customer placing regular monthly orders, after completing a credit application form and being approved for credit.

For new customers, or those without credit facilities, we require a deposit (and settlement on completion), or payment with order, before goods are despatched.

No, we do not supply garments. We specialise in what we know best, and that is badges.

To give our customers the best possible all round value we do outsource certain elements of our business. However, we have a very responsible approach to this function. Business is something done by people, for people, and everyone in our supply chain must remember this. Our customers are very important to us, but so also are our own people. At Tolley Badges we look after our employees, to the best of our ability, and we expect our suppliers to do the same for their employees. Bad suppliers will reflect adversely on our business and that of our customers.

Tolley Badges Ltd. conducts its business in an ethical manner. We are concerned about human rights. We expect our business partners to share our ethical concerns. We use the following standards in the selection of our business partners and expect compliance with these standards by our business partners, including all manufacturers, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers utilised in the manufacture and finishing of products that are ordered by Tolley Badges. Our major suppliers must sign up to these conditions, before doing business with us.

Safe and Healthy Place of Work

We seek business partners who provide a safe and healthy place of work that complies with all local laws. Business partners who provide residential facilities for their employees must also provide safe and healthy residential facilities in compliance with local laws.

No Forced or Compulsory Labour

We will not knowingly work with business partners who use forced labour in the manufacture of products.

Fair Disciplinary Practices

We will not knowingly work with business partners who utilise physical or mental punishment against their employees.

No Discrimination

Whilst we respect cultural differences, we believe employees should be recruited based on their ability only, rather than race, gender, religion, political persuasion or personal characteristics. We encourage our business partners to eliminate discrimination from their places of work.

Reasonable Working Hours and Overtime

We seek business partners that do not require a working week which exceeds local laws or business practices, and encourage our business partners not to require more than a 60 hour working week on a regular basis. Except for compensated overtime in compliance with local laws.

Fair Wages

We seek business partners that provide wages and benefits in compliance with local laws, and encourage our business partners to commit to the continuous improvement of wage and benefit levels that address the basic needs of their employees and their dependants.

No Child Labour

We will not knowingly work with business partners who utilise child labour, we define child labour as being below the local minimum working age or the age of 14, whichever is greater. We can make exceptions for legitimate apprenticeship programs.

Country of Origin

We will not knowingly work with business partners who use deceptive practices to deliberately misrepresent country of origin in order to evade quota or other import restrictions or duties on any products that will be purchased by Tolley Badges Ltd.

Freedom of Association and the Right to Collective Bargaining are Respected.

  • Workers, without distinction, have the right to join or form trade unions of their own choosing and to bargain collectively.
  • Where the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining is restricted under law, the employer facilitates, and does not hinder, the development of parallel means for independent and free association and bargaining.

For additional confidence Tolley Badges’ badges and labels are tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. The Oeko-Tex label indicates to interested end users the additional benefits of tested safety for skin-friendly clothing and other textiles. In this way, the test label provides an important decision-making tool when purchasing textiles. We feel this is especially important as many of our products are used by children.

Tolley Badges’ policy is to respond to all genuine enquiries within 24 hours. If you do not get a response it may simply be that your email has been accidently caught by our spam protection software. Or our response has been caught by your spam protection software.

We apologise if this happens, but would please ask you not to give up. Please fax or telephone, and speak to Carole, Rachel, Gail or Emily who will deal with your enquiry for you.

Tel: 01384 878550

Fax: 01384 877050


Sorry, but Tolley Badges do not respond to any emails that are sent to undisclosed recipients.

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Woven 2” & 2” Laser Designs
1 PACK £10.10/pack
2 PACKS £8.85/pack
3 PACKS £8.60/pack
4 PACKS £8.60/pack
5 – 9 PACKS £6.65/pack
10+ PACKS £5.95/pack


Woven 2.5” & 3” Designs
1 PACK £11.35/pack
2 PACKS £9.85/pack
3 PACKS £9.85/pack
4 PACKS £9.85/pack
5 – 9 PACKS £7.90/pack
10+ PACKS £6.50/pack


Limited Edition WW1 (circle)
1 PACK £17.15/pack
2 PACKS £14.15/pack
3 PACKS £11.75/pack
4 PACKS £10.50/pack
5 – 9 PACKS £9.50/pack
10+ PACKS £6.95/pack


Limited Edition
1 PACK £19.50/pack
2 PACKS £13.75/pack
3 PACKS £12.00/pack
4 PACKS £11.25/pack
5 – 9 PACKS £9.95/pack
10+ PACKS £9.00/pack


Embroidered Longest Reign
1 PACK £19.50/pack
2 PACKS £13.75/pack
3 PACKS £12.00/pack
4 PACKS £11.25/pack
5 – 9 PACKS £9.95/pack
10+ PACKS £9.00/pack
Embroidered 2″ Designs
1 PACK £11.88/pack
2 PACKS £9.85/pack
3 PACKS £9.85/pack
4 PACKS £9.85/pack
5 – 9 PACKS £8.80/pack
10+ PACKS £7.70/pack
Embroidered 3” Designs
1 PACK £14.28/pack
2 PACKS £10.50/pack
3 PACKS £10.50/pack
4 PACKS £10.50/pack
5 – 9 PACKS £9.16/pack
10+ PACKS £7.95/pack